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Issue One – Zine #1:
The first zine in our Feminism series is all about how companies exploit feminism for their own capitalist gain while doing nothing significant to benefit the movement or make real change happen.

60% Recycled Paper / Organic Ink / 16,5cm x 23,5cm

Issue One – Zine #2:
The second zine in our Feminism series is all about men and feminism as well as masculinity. Our goal with this zine is to make feminism and issues related to it more accessible to men.

Recycled Paper / With Insert: 16,5cm x 23,5cm / Without Insert: 148cm x 210cm

Issue One – Zine #3:
The third zine in our Feminism series. Invisible women is all about shedding light on achievements by women that have gone unnoticed or haven’t received the recognition they deserve. This zine features creative work by female artists and interviews with them on their experience as a woman in a male dominated field. It also uses typefaces exclusively designed by women.

Recycled Paper / 148cm x 210cm

AWTY Zines